The Bell & Britton 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays friends! Holiday shopping can be hard so we've been hard at work making a Bell & Britton gift guide to help relieve some of the stress of the holiday season. This list features some new additions to the website as well as some of our best sellers so be sure to take a look!


A Gift for The Minimalist-

tea light

The minimalist strives to live a simple lifestyle by cutting down on clutter and owning only what adds value and meaning to their life. This can sometimes make them difficult to shop for but don’t fret, we have a solution! The simple lines and unobtrusive color of our beeswax sake cup tea lights make them an elegant way to give a warm glow to a living space. (Pro tip- once these candles have burned out the containers can be cleaned and reused as pinch bowls during cooking or set on the table as sauce bowls to accompany a meal. Sushi, anyone?)

A Gift for The Maximalist-

Maximalist display


ALL THE THINGS, IN ALL THE COLORS, IN ALL THE SPACES! The maximalist embraces comfort, quantity, and finding happiness in all the things they love. Gift a colorful table scarf in Dahlia or Harvest Gold to help enhance their objets d’art display or one of our scented candles to add some olfactory richness to the sensory experience that is maximalism. 


A Gift for the One Who Appreciates a Short Cut-


Get those flames going fast with our firestarters! These can be used in any wood burning fireplace and come in a ready to gift muslin bag with use instructions. They are also great for that most difficult to shop for creature, the Man Who Already Has Everything, and make a wonderful alternative to another bottle of wine for a holiday host gift.  

A Gift for the Homebody-

 Cozy Gauze Blanket

Make it even easier for your favorite homebody to stay in by gifting one of our cozy blankets, a candle, and some coasters for their cup of tea. Maybe you’ll see them again in the spring when they emerge from hibernation mode. 

A Gift for the One Who Loves to Host-

Wooden Napkin Rings

Help your favorite host set their table by gifting some of our wooden napkin rings. Custom made for us by a local cabinetry shop, these are currently available in cherry, walnut, and maple. Pair with a set of cloth napkins for a little extra oomph. We're particularly fond of our Apricot napkins paired with the walnut rings for a colorful addition to the tabletop or Froth paired with cherry rings for a more neutral palette.

A Gift for the Eco Conscious- 

linen produce bags


For the eco warrior in your life, consider gifting some of our linen products. Long lasting, washable, and durable, linen requires a fraction of the water resources that other natural fibers, such as cotton, need to grow. The more it’s used and washed, the softer it becomes. It’s also biodegradable at the end of its long life span, making it a responsible (and beautiful) way to care for your planet. Gift some of our reusable produce bags and they'll have a great way to bring home their farmers market haul again and again and again. 

A Gift for your High End Friend-

scented candles

We set our poured microbatch candles apart by using an exceptionally luxurious coconut apricot wax blend. This soft, rich, creamy wax has an excellent hot and cold throw, meaning these candles smell great whether lit or just sitting on the mantel. Paired with a crackling wooden wick and poured in an unobtrusive matte black tin, they make a cozy addition to any decor. 

A Gift for the Person You Just Don't Know That Well-

all purpose bag

Try gifting one of our All Purpose Bags. What do you use it for? Well, whatever you want. We've stored our knitting projects in it, used it to pack our lunch, stored a small boule of sourdough bread, filled it with homemade cookies, and used it as a gift bag. 


A Gift for the Person You Know a Little TOO Well-

linen bird decor

Sick of Uncle Bob bringing up divisive politics around the dinner table? Make yourself happy by giving him the bird this Christmas! Our linen birds can be used as a hanging ornament on the tree or as a gift wrapping embellishment. Bob doesn't ever need to know...(but you will).

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